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Hi! I'm Myléne Hillam – teacher, demonstrator, author and award winning designer for the craft and hobby industry. My specialties include jewellery making, paper crafting and mixed media and I work out of my studio in Brisbane, Australia.


As a Designer member of CHA, my services also include working alongside manufacturers to develop products, design projects, teach classes/demonstrate, provide photography services, write copy and coordinate social media programs.


Enjoy visiting my site – you'll find links to my classes, tutorials and also galleries where you can purchase my books, tutorials, resin bangles and jewellery.


And don't forget to join me at these other places where you can keep up with all the goings on at Mill Lane Studio.

Myléne Hillam - the designer behind Mill Lane Studio

So, how do you pronounce my name? Is it My-Lean, My-Lane, Melanie, Marlene, Marilyn… I’ve had all these names – and many, many more – but it’s none of the above. I like it pronounced like this:

Milaine…. or Mill Lane and that’s how the name Mill Lane Studio came about!

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