Resin Clay Workshop


Resin Clay is a relatively new addition to the resin family. And it's a brand new addition to my workshop lineup.


This clay-like material is perfect for embedding beads and crystals giving you the ability to create intricate looking mosaic patterns and incredibly sparkly crystal creations that resemble expensive pavé jewellery. It can be textured and coloured too.


The unique properties of resin Jewelry Clay allow you to create jewellery in bezels, in moulds or to create free-form shapes. The advantage resin Jewelry Clay has over other clays is that it doesn't need baking or firing to cure. And because there is no shrinkage, items won't pop out like they can with oven-cured clays. Additionally, epoxy clay has very strong bonding qualities so it can be used as adhesive to attach items together permanently.


In this workshop you'll create three pieces of jewellery using the Klik Metal Complex components that just "snap together" so no jewellery making experience is required to complete your resin clay jewellery.

Learn the easy way to create mandala patterns in resin clay with beads.
Class project - Fabulous mandala earrings and a coordinating ring (pendant version also available)

What this course is all about:

This 2 hour workshop covers how to embed beads in epoxy clay. In the workshop, you’ll learn my secrets for creating intricate-looking mandala-style patterns with seed beads and microbeads. You’ll use a simple trick to get every bead positioned perfectly in no time at all and without too much fiddling, making your patterns come together quickly and easily.


What you'll make:

You'll complete 3 individual bezels which will make up a pair of earrings plus your choice of either a ring or pendant. These snap into the clever Klik Metal Complex jewellery components so that your pieces are complete at the end of the workshop. There are no jewellery making skills required in this workshop - you just "Klik" and wear.


What instruction you'll receive:

Classes are restricted in size so you receive individual instruction and you will leave the workshop confident that you can continue experimenting with new techniques and ideas at home.



The Resin Clay Workshop is available in 2 different options:


  • Option 1 - Tuition and with materials provided
  • Option 2 - Gift Certificate for the 2 hour Resin Clay Workshop


Your class fee covers everything you need to complete the projects. Materials will be available to purchase at the workshop so that you can  create further pieces at home.


Workshop Fee - $50

The workshop fee includes tuition and all the  materials you'll need to complete the three components. You'll take home all the items that you make at the end of the workshop. This is a fun option that teaches you what working with resin clay is all about but there is a whole lot more you can do with resin clay so please take a look at the inspiring samples in the slideshow at the top of the page.


Gift Certificate

$50 (workshop only)

Purchase a Gift Certificate for a 2 hour workshop.

Give the gift of a great experience: ideal for the person who likes to be hands on or who has everything.

Some inspiring designs showcasing different uses for epoxy resin clay

Class Schedule 2018


Workshops are held at my Underwood studio in Brisbane. Workshops run from 2:30pm - 4:30pm when scheduled on Saturdays and 2:00pm - 4:00pm on Sundays.

To enrol in one of these workshops, please email me.


  • Saturday, Oct 2018 (Date TBA)


More 2018 dates announced soon.


If these dates don't suit you, a private workshop might be better for you. Please email me to make arrangements.

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